AssuranceAmerica Donates Car

Our partnership with City of Refuge helps clear a path out of poverty (details below)

Bringing Hope to the Homeless

Through the AssuranceAmerica program, Hope Abounds, we are working with a few key organizations to help the estimated 5,000 homeless men, women and children on any given night get the help they need to get back on their feet again. Every policy our agents sell directly impacts our commitment to donate 5% of our after-tax profits toward this effort. We provide the staff and resources these organizations need to significantly impact these people's lives. We thank our agents for shouldering this with us, helping to bring hope to the homeless.

On any given night, there are believed to be over 10,000 homeless people in Georgia; 5,000 of them are in the Atlanta area. This issue is important to our Executive Chairman, Guy Millner, who introduced us all to the complexity of the issue. We stand ready to help.

We help today by assisting those organizations that are working to fundamentally end homelessness. Organizations that work to provide temporary housing offering immediate safety and security; behavioral health, employment and education, and other support services; and connectivity to the community for potential employment and long-term counseling and accountability.


City of Refuge - Where Good Works

With 20 years of experience and 20,000 lives transformed, City of Refuge is a leader in the business of social transformation. As the one-stop shop for poverty relief, City of Refuge offers several programs such as medical care, job training, education, and school programs. All these innovative programs are offered in the safe and inviting 200,000+ sq. ft. warehouse space.


The Extension - The Solution for Homelessness & Addiction

The mission at The Extension is to facilitate a transformation that empowers chemically dependent homeless men and women to become sober, accountable members of society and to serve as a recovery resource for the community.

Recent News

AssuranceAmerica Donates Car

Halle Carey was grateful to be the recipient of a refurbished Dodge Dart from the Hope Abounds program. She is now able to give back to others in her community through the help of AssuranceAmerica and City of Refuge.

- photo by Everett Catts

AssuranceAmerica helps The Extension

"The Extension, a shelter and recovery center in Marietta, GA, is changing lives in Cobb County. AssuranceAmerica saw the difference that this organization is making and wanted to help."

-Cobb In Focus Magazine, photo by LaRuche Creative

AssuranceAmerica Celebrates GSU RMI Students of the Year

AssuranceAmerica executives virtually celebrate Georgia State University students, who were to be recognized this spring at the 6th Annual Riskies Awards.